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What I am buying?

Since 20 years, we are a group of computer enthusiasts for aquariums and we created a young Italian start-up. Depending on availability, our products are manufactured or purchased in Italy, keeping the production chain as Italian as possible, even if it means higher costs.

We were fed up with extremely expensive and not very flexible commercial products, of components not speakingto each other,of different technologiesand the absence ofaunique management system.Ouraquariums are crammed with a timer,which promptly lostsyncandforces ustounpleasantand frequentrealignments.No systemwarns usin real timeof temperature issues,but alsoon thePH status orifour tub is leaking.They aredifferent systems,withdifferent logic and cost-prohibitive.In 2013 we are still using a notebook and a calendar to keep track of tank pourings and to changethecharcoal or the resin.

Therefore, we decided to throw in an enterprise to create something different, not as wholesalers, but with the passion of a hobbyist. An integrated, comprehensive system, where the dawn of the system LED lighting embraces the solenoid of CO2, communicating real-time values, alarms, thresholds. All in a single modular product. Not to mention the energy analyzer: graphics, considerations, all you need to understand when and where to intervene. Because energy consumption is the real concern any aquarium passionate must face and there is no product to address the matter.

You are not buying a simple electronic controller for your aquarium, but thousands of hours of hard work and tests; hundreds of discarded prototypes while finding the solution to each problem; an always-online server to keep the backup of your data in the cloud; apps for Android and iPhone; endless testing and thousands of working hours on software development and CAD.

Why the price is so low?

We only use an online shop, not a distribution channel, to reduce costs. It is only you and us. We designed everything in a simple manner and there is a help-desk always available, not even requiring installation by a dealer.

Moreover, the product is completely modular. If you need a specific part have it now, or take it in the future.

If a 4-way timer costs over 80 euro, you will realize what we have kept the cost down without reducing the quality. The controller is a real computer with a 700Mhz processor and 512Mb of RAM, with high quality components (from resistance to capacitors) and, where possible, we have designed the mainboard ourselves because we were not satisfied with what available on the market.

We do not purchase large quantities of materials. You can easily check on the web the cost of our hardware, mostly Italian (except for some accessories, like the display). And this, despite being morally rewarding, has a considerable cost. Costs include a very high tax pressure (almost 50%) both for us and our suppliers. We trust you are willing to pay a few extra-euros considering our product valuable and knowing that buying an Italian product is a real "anti-crisis" step.
We are proud of our product. How about you?

How is the process of production?

The AquaStation is totally hand-made. Before shipping, each piece is tested thoroughly. The last thing we want is a disappointed customer after a faulty product.

Each envelope is separately printed (so you can choose the color). We prepare the 3D CAD products and electronic circuits of the backplane. 
Do not hesitate to suggest improvements or express your opinion. Even though very expensive, this allows us to take advantage of your feedback and make improvements immediately after they are evaluated. This is not a a small advantage for us, although it reduces our earning margins!

Warranty and returns

We do our best to design durable components. For us it is a cost to repair a faulty product, so we prefer to invest in quality components. However we have to come up against the harsh reality: every electronic object is liable of failure, even choosing the best components and forms of redundancy (as in the case of temperature probes). Servers and electronic components may fail, humans may fail, even AquaStation may fail.

On the basis of our experience as end users of other electronic products, we realized that a guarantee can easily turn a failure into a positive feedback, if the return is quick and smooth. Returning the product in two-three days is a rewarding experience for the customer and, for us, means no additional costs.

We impose, then, a strict company policy. By the business morning following the product arrival, we either repair the faulty AquaStation or provide you with a new one. No other option and no delay is allowed. We do not guarantee to save your data (backups will be your duty), but we can guarantee that your aquarium will remain without controller for no longer than necessary.

Each new AquaStation includes a 12 months (for companies) or 24 months (for privates) standard warranty, extendable at any time and without automatic renewal. The signing of an extension period of the warranty period and at time of purchase by law to cover "extras" even in the initial period (1 or 2 years). The extended warranty will include replacement of your AquaStation (and every accessory you have purchased), even in case of electric shock (not included in standard warranties). The extensionlasts maximum oneyearanddoes not cover replacement over tampering.The casing mustbe intactandsealedMore info on the guarantee extension in 'Buy Accessories' section.

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AcquaPortal review [ITA] launched its product testing into the sea

What better way to test the reliability of the products into the sea weather? Thanks to a small boat adapted for that purpose, will be made a series of tests both winter and summer, it will soon be possible to access and view the values of a AquaStation working in sea water!


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Densimetro elettronico per l'analisi della salinità - 41.9%
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Pompe peristaltiche dosatrici - 18.6%
Mini UPS in grado di avvisare via email e mantenere acceso l'AS in caso di assenza di corrente - 9.3%
Display touch screen - 7%
Telecomando - 14%
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