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Privacy Policy


Welcome to our website
Please read our Privacy Policy which applies when you visit our website and decide to simply browse the website and use its services, without buying any product, is if you access, surf and use its services and purchase products.

We also invite you to read, if you have not already done so, the EULA AcquaStation because it contains important information about privacy and the security systems adopted by the website. Cortese Paola offices in Via Adige 2F in Casamassima (70010) in the province of Bari, VAT IT07706130726 and REA 575 735.


1. Our Policy

Anyone has the right to protection of personal data concerning him. respects the right of its members to be informed regarding the collection of and other operations involving their personal data.

In using data that may directly or indirectly identify you personally, we will apply a principle of strict necessity.

For this reason, we have configured so that the use of your personal data is kept to a minimum and to exclude the processing of your data when the purpose of the specific activity can be achieved by the use of data anonymous (as, for example, market research aimed at improving services) or through other means, which allow identifying the person only when needed or at the request of the authorities and police forces (such as, for example, for data traffic and the time you spend on the website or your IP address).

Decisions about the purposes and methods of the processing of your personal data and the tools used including security measures, to

This Privacy Policy will provide all useful information to understand how we collect and use information that identifies users For any further information on our Privacy Policy you can contact in the contact form or at our head office in Italy mentioned above.


2. Who is your personal holds the processing of personal data; independently establishes the purposes and methods of treatment, including the security profile.


For reasons of logistics, your information may be shared with potential shippers.


3. How we use the personal data and for what purpose

Your personal data are collected and processed by for purposes strictly related to the use of the website, its services and purchase of products on the website. Your personal information may also be used in other processing operations, however, in terms compatible with those purposes.

In particular, your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

during the process of registration to the website, we collect your personal data (for example, your personal details, user ID and password, email address) through the relevant registration form to provide access services to areas Confidential and to send you our Newsletter, when specifically requested;
to provide support services (Customer Service), we collect your personal data (eg, your user ID and password) for purposes strictly necessary to give you all the information about the services of and the purchase of products on;
during the process of purchasing products on collect your personal data (eg, data, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number) via the order form for the sale of products, in no case are stored data on credit cards and banking information in general, completely delegated to PayPal (you'll want to read, in this case, the privacy policy relative);
as part of the request for technical assistance services, we collect your personal information to provide you with information on net-surfing, browser compatibility and viewing or loading webpages;
within the cloud service and mailalert collect email addresses for the exclusive purpose of sending alerts to which such services have been enabled by the user;
Your personal data are treated mainly in electronic format and in certain cases also in paper format, such as when the processing of your data is necessary to prevent fraud on or your device requires the issuance of administrative documents billing and transportation of the products.

Your personal information will be stored in a way that allows your identification for the time strictly necessary for the purpose for which the data were collected and subsequently processed and, in any case, within the limits of the law.

To ensure that your personal information is always accurate and up to date, relevant and complete, please report any changes via the contact form.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties for purposes not permitted by law or without your express consent.

Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties only when this is necessary to follow the conclusion of the contract, such as PayPal, for the execution of remote electronic payment services. Moreover, your personal data may be disclosed to law enforcement or judicial authorities, in accordance with law and after formal request by such entities. Your data will also have access to treatment as indicated in par. 2 and for the specific purposes stated in the same paragraph. In all these cases, your consent is not required.

Your personal information may be disclosed to the public only with your consent and only in the provision of services on

Please note that processes personal data of its users only for purposes strictly related to the provision of services, the conclusion of contracts for the sale of products and, with your consent, for information on new commercial initiatives closely related to the activities and services of the website. treats your personal information for direct marketing purposes, including e-mail, only with your consent.

It may happen that you are in process personal data of third parties notified directly by their users, for example if the user has purchased a product to be sent to a friend, when the person who pays the price for ' purchase of the product is different from the person to whom it is intended, or when a user wishes to a friend a service or offer for sale of a particular product.

In all these cases of obtaining the consent of the person to whom the information before communicating to and to inform about this Privacy Policy because you will be the one and only responsible for the communication of information and data relating to third parties subjects, although they have given their consent and for their misuse or contrary to law. Please note that the consent of these people is not only necessary when data is communicated to for the conclusion of the contract.


4. What happens if you do not communicate your personal information to

The communication of your personal data to and, in particular, personal data, including your social security number, your email address, your mailing address, your payment information, phone number, and any other mandatory information mentioned in the specific form of online purchase is necessary with regard to the conclusion of the contract to purchase products on or the provision of other services provided on the website of your request or when your data is necessary for the performance of obligations arising by law or regulation.

Refusal to disclose to, certain your data necessary for such purposes may make it impossible to perform the contract of purchase and provide the other services available on, such as to provide the support services (Customer Service). The failure to provide data may constitute, as appropriate, a legitimate and justified reason for not to execute the contract of purchase.

Communication at Golf House for additional data, other than essential, for the fulfillment of its legal or contractual obligations or for the provision of certain services on demand, however, is optional and has no consequences for the use of the site Web and its services or to purchase products.

Depending on the case and, if necessary, from time to time, will duly inform you of the compulsory or optional nature of the communication of your personal data to Highlight the compulsory or optional disclosure of your data, using a special character (*) information that is compulsory or data necessary for the provision of services on and for the purchase of products on We remind you that the failure to disclose optional personal data will not lead to our users any obligation or disadvantage.


5. To whom we disclose your personal information

Personal information may be disclosed to third party companies that provide, on behalf of, specific services, as data processors or disclosed to other recipients of the data collected by, which process data independently of the your personal information solely to process your order to purchase products (such as, in the case of PayPal and courier DHL) and only when that purpose is not inconsistent with the purposes for which your data was collected and subsequently processed and However, in accordance with the law.

The data will not be shared, sold, or otherwise transferred to third parties, without the users not being informed in advance and, with their consent, when it is required by law.


6. How do we collect your information

In the context of the use of and navigation inside, it may happen that some personal data are collected automatically (through the so-called. "Cookies"), such as, for example, in the case of collection of the IP address of the 'user and other information related to the stay in the website or the preferences in the choice of services offered by the website and products purchased through the service offered.

This information and data are collected directly and automatically from the web site and as part of its operational functions. This information and data are then processed in an anonymous and aggregated for commercial purposes and for improving the services of the needs and preferences of users of the website.

In other cases, directly collects personal information from its users and other information during the process of online registration to or sending order forms to purchase products on the web site for the conclusion of e-commerce transactions.

Finally, we collect personal data of third parties interested in starting business with only for those purposes.


7. Safety measures

We have adopted security measures so as to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data, unauthorized access or treatment not allowed or not in accordance with the purposes of collection as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

However can not guarantee its users that the measures taken for the security of the website and transmission of data and information on limit or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. You'll want to make sure your computer is equipped with software devices for the protection of the network transmission of data, both incoming and outgoing (as updated antivirus systems) and that your Internet service provider has taken appropriate measures for the Security of data transmission in the network (such as firewalls and spam filters).


8. Cookies uses automatic data collection, such as cookies. A cookie is a device transmitted to the hard disk; it does not contain any comprehensible information but associates the user to personal information provided by the same on Cookies are stored on our servers and no one can access the information on it. Only processes the information collected through cookies, only in anonymous and aggregate to optimize its services and its web site to the specific needs and preferences of its users.

As you know, each Internet browser allows you to delete cookies after each session. The browser provides instructions on how to operate the cancellation procedure. We advise you to consult.

the acceptance of automatic data collection and use of cookies are necessary for the use of the website and its services, sometimes including the purchase of products. If you have activated cookie cancellation, can not guarantee the full display of some web pages or the provision of certain services such as storage and display of web pages, for your part, products you selected during the process of buying online.


9. Opt-in / Opt-out uses your personal information only with your consent, freely expressed, for sending advertising material and direct marketing or other commercial communications, including e-mail, which are not covered in the services they provide to its users at their request (such as, for sending the Newsletter).

Every time that you will need your consent, we will inform you in advance and we will give you the opportunity to pay or deny your consent to the use of your personal information for these purposes, including your e-mail address by clicking on the appropriate areas .

We would like to inform that the law provides that your consent is not necessary and that can treat your personal information when it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation or where necessary to give effect to the obligations assumed by contract against its users (such as, for example, if you purchased products on or if you asked to use specific services through our web site).

In any case, we wish to inform you that guarantees to its users, even when prior consent is not strictly necessary, to exercise, at any time, their right not to receive future communications connected to particular services on request , such as in the case of the Newsletter.


10. Your right of access to data and other rights

You are entitled to obtain from the confirmation of the existence of personal data about you, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.

Also has the right to obtain from information about the origin of your personal data; the purposes and methods of processing of your personal data; the logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic means; the identity of the owner and managers of the treatment; an indication of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as, for example, the data supervisors. All this information is contained in our Privacy Policy.

You are entitled to obtain from

a) updating, rectification or, when you have an interest, the integration of your personal data;

b) the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of your personal information, in violation of the law, including those which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;

c) certification that the operations in letters a) and b) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement in impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.


You will, however, the right to object, in whole or in part:

a) for legitimate reasons the processing of your personal data, pertinent for collection purposes;

b) to the processing of personal data about you for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct marketing or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

You may freely at any time exercise your rights, within the limits of the law, with a request to contacting us in the form contacts.


11. Links to other Web Sites contains links to other websites that may have no connection with not control or monitor such websites and their content. not be held responsible for the content of these sites and the rules, from these, taken with regard to your privacy and the processing of your personal data during your navigation operations. Please, pay attention when you access these web sites through the links provided on our website and read their terms of use and privacy policies. The Privacy Policy of not apply to third party websites. provides links to other web sites exclusively to help its users in research and its navigation and to allow links to other websites on the Internet. activation of links does not imply any recommendation or report for accessing and browsing these websites, nor any guarantee of their content, services or goods provided by them and sold to Internet users.


12. Contacts

If you wish to receive more information on how treats your personal information, please contact us using the form.

To know your rights and be up to date on legislation concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal information we recommend you visit the website of the Authority for the protection of personal data at


13. Governing Law

This Privacy Policy is governed by Italian law and in particular by the Code regarding the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 no. 196) which regulates the processing of personal data - also held overseas - carried out by anyone who resides or is based in Italy.

The Code ensures that the processing of personal data will be respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and dignity, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data.


14. Changes and updates to the Privacy Policy of may amend or simply update all or part of the Privacy Policy in consideration of the amendment of the rules of law or regulations that govern this matter and protect your rights. Changes and updates to the Privacy Policy of be notified to users on the home page of soon introduced and shall be binding once posted on the website in this section. Therefore, you should regularly access this section to verify the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy of






TERMS OF USE (ver 1.0)

In this license agreement the following words and phrases have the meanings set forth below:
Product: Software technology called AquaStation, ac_core, ac, and every system aquastationOS AquaStation own content within the software functional.
In subsequent sections of this document, the term product will indicate 'a whole as described above.
Systems Optional: Optional components integrated into the product and entirely developed by the manufacturer, usually be enabled through optional licenses or additional hardware modules.
Third party technologies: Optional components built into the product that also include third-party technologies.
Product Update: All regulatory technical updates of the product, derived from the continuous process of evolution and improvement and adaptation of the product to current standards, which the manufacturer deems appropriate.
Application: Solution software or part of it carried out by making use of the product.
Client: Third party that is licensed for use the product
License AquaStation: The producer grants the customer the right to use the product and updating of the same
Of License Agreement: This Agreement under which the manufacturer grants the customer the right to use the license to use and, if purchased, the product update. In subsequent sections of this document called briefly license.
Features Of License: All characterizations listed on the first page of the license agreement AquaStation dimensioned that the scope of use (process models, options, etc ...) Product
Lists: lists issued by the manufacturer in which are the prices set by the manufacturer for the product

The product and 'development based on Debian, derived from Raspian (all brands are registered) which have been specifically developed proprietary libraries. The source code of each technology Debian is not 'been modified or altered for use, then the product AquaStation and' software contains proprietary technologies that developed independently, to operate, require a number of third party technologies unaffected.
The product and 'the result of the integration of technologies and third-party software used in accordance' with the licenses that are deemed to be mentioned and accepted by the customer together with this.

2.1 License to use Debian
Debian and 'a Linux distribution regulated by a "Social Contract" viewable at the following link: The download, installation or use of Debian, in this project, you agree to the terms of this contract. Specifically AquaStation used as the operating system Raspian, customized and renamed acquaOS, specifically for ARM processors and hardware Raspberry PI.
"Linux" and 'a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

2.2 Third Party Software used
The following software have not been altered or manipulation, but have been used since 'being part of the Linux distribution Raspian. The end user accepting the license, also accepts the licenses related to third-party software packages, as well as' licenses of the Debian Linux distribution, Raspian and the Linux kernel.

---- adduser add alsa-base alsa-utils ALSA ---- ---- ---- commandline Utilities apt apt-utils package ---- ---- aptitude terminal-based aptitude-common --- - architecture ---- GNU aspell aspell-en ---- Inglese base-files Debian base-passwd ---- ---- ---- Debian GNU bash bash-completion programmable bc ---- --- - The GNU binutils blt ---- ---- ---- bsdmainutils the collection bsdutils ---- Basic build-essential Informational ---- ---- bzip2 high-quality ca-certificates ---- Common cifs-utils ---- ---- Common console-setup console console-setup-linux Linux consolekit ---- ---- ---- framework coreutils GNU cpio ---- ---- GNU GNU cpp cpp-4.6 ---- ---- GNU cron process cups-bsd Common ---- ---- Common cups cups-client-common Common curl ---- ---- ---- command dash POSIX -compliant dbus dbus-x11 simple ---- ---- simple dconf-gsettings-backend: armhf ---- simple dconf-service simple debconf ---- ---- ---- Debian debconf-i18n full debconf-utils ---- debconf debian-reference-common ---- Debian debian-reference-en Debian debianutils ---- ---- ---- Miscellaneous desktop-based common desktop-file-utils --- - Utilities dictionaries-common Common diffutils ---- ---- ---- Small File tell dmsetup ---- Linux dphys AutoGenerate dpkg-swapfile ---- ---- ---- Debian dpkg-dev Debian e2fslibs: armhf ---- ext2 / ext3 / ext4 e2fsprogs ---- ext2 / ext3 / ext4 and classic esound-common ---- ---- ---- Enlightened fake-hwclock Save / restore fakeroot --- - tool fbset framebuffer file ---- ---- ---- Determines findutils utilities firmware-atheros ---- Binary firmware-brcm80211 ---- ---- Binary Binary firmware libertas-firmware-ralink --- - Binary firmware-realtek ---- Binary fontconfig generic fontconfig-config ---- ---- ---- handheld generic fonts-droid-fonts-ttf freefont ---- ---- freefont merged Filesystem g ++ - --- GNU g ++ - 4.6 GNU galculator ---- ---- ---- A GNU gcc gcc-4.5-base: The armhf ---- ---- GNU gcc-4.6 gcc-4.6-base: armhf ---- GCC, gcc-4.7-base: armhf ---- GCC, gconf-service GNOME gconf2 ---- ---- ---- GNOME GNOME gconf2-common gdb ---- The gdbserver - --- The gettext-base ---- ---- GNU ghostscript interpreter gir1.2-glib-2.0 ---- ---- Introspection git fast, git-core ---- fast, git-man - --- fast, gksu graphical ---- glib-networking: armhf ---- network-related glib-networking-common ---- network-related glib-networking-services ---- network-related gnome-icon -theme ---- GNOME gnome-themes-standard-date date gnupg ---- ---- ---- gpgv GNU GNU grep lightweight gpicview ---- ---- ---- GNU groff-base GNU gsettings-desktop-schemas gSettings gsfonts ---- ---- ---- Make Fonts gsfonts x11-gtk2-engines: armhf ---- theme gvfs: gvfs-backends userspace armhf ---- ---- userspace gvfs-common-gvfs userspace daemons ---- ---- ---- userspace userspace gvfs gvfs-fuse-libs: armhf userspace gzip ---- ---- ---- GNU hardlinks hardlinks hicolor-icon -theme default hostname ---- ---- utility i2c-tools ---- ---- IDE heterogeneous idle idle-python2.7 idle-python3.2 ---- ---- IDE IDE idle3 - - IDE configuration ifupdown ifplugd ---- ---- ---- Standalone high info initramfs-tools ---- generic initscripts scripts insserv ---- ---- ---- boot install-info Manage iotop iproute networking simple ---- ---- ---- iptables administration iputils-ping ---- Tools isc-dhcp-client ---- ISC isc-dhcp-common ---- common iso-codes - - ISO jackd ---- ---- JACK JACK jackd2 java-common-common javascript Base ---- ---- ---- Linux Base kbd keyboard-configuration ---- system-wide klibc-utils ---- ---- kmod small tools krb5-locales Internationalization leafpad ---- ---- ---- GTK + less pager lesstif2: armhf ---- OSF / Motif libacl1: armhf ---- Access libalgorithm -diff-perl module ---- libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl module ---- libalgorithm-merge-perl Perl ---- libapt-inst1.5: armhf ---- libapt deb-pkg-dev: armhf ---- development libapt-pkg4.12: armhf ---- package libarchive12: armhf ---- Multi-format libasound2: armhf shared libaspell15 ---- ---- GNU libasprintf0c2: armhf ---- GNU libasyncns0 : armhf ---- Asynchronous libatasmart4: armhf ---- ATA libatk1.0-0: armhf ---- ATK libatk1.0-date ---- Common libattr1: armhf ---- Extended libaudio2: armhf - - Network libaudiofile1: armhf ---- Open-source libaudit0 ---- Dynamic libavahi-client3: armhf ---- Avahi libavahi-common-data: armhf ---- Avahi libavahi-common3: armhf ---- Avahi libavahi-glib1: armhf Avahi libblas3 ---- ---- Basic libblkid1: armhf ---- block libbluetooth3: armhf ---- Library libbluray1: armhf ---- Blu-ray libboost-iostreams1.46.1 - - Boost.Iostreams libboost-iostreams1.48.0 Boost.Iostreams libboost-iostreams1.49.0 ---- ---- ---- Boost.Iostreams libboost-iostreams1.50.0 Boost.Iostreams libbsd0: armhf ---- utility libbz2 -1.0: armhf ---- high-quality libc-ares-dev: armhf ---- library libc-ares2: armhf ---- ---- Embedded library libc-bin libc-dev-bin ---- Embedded libc6: armhf ---- Embedded libc6-dev: armhf ---- Embedded libcaca0: armhf ---- color libcairo-gobject2: armhf ---- The libcairo2: armhf ---- The libcap2: armhf - - support libcdio-cdda1 library libcdio-paranoia1 ---- ---- ---- libcdio13 library library libck-connector0: armhf ---- ConsoleKit libclass-isa-perl ---- reports libcolord1: armhf - - system libcomerr2: armhf ---- common libcroco3: armhf ---- Cascading libcups2: armhf ---- Common libcupsimage2: armhf ---- Common libcurl3: armhf ---- easy-to-use libcurl3-gnutls : armhf ---- easy-to-use high-level libcwiid1 libcwidget3 ---- ---- ---- lightweight library libdaemon0 libdatrie1: armhf ---- Double-array libdb5.1: armhf ---- Berkeley libdbus-1-3: armhf ---- simple libdbus-glib-1-2: armhf ---- libdconf0 simple: armhf ---- simple libdevmapper-event1.02.1: armhf ---- Linux libdevmapper1.02.1 : armhf ---- Linux libdirectfb-1.2-9: armhf ---- direct libdpkg-perl ---- Dpkg libdrm2: armhf ---- Userspace libedit2: armhf ---- ---- BSD libenchant1c2a Wrapper libept -dev ---- High-level libept1.4.12 ---- High-level liberror-perl Perl ---- libesd0: armhf ---- Enlightened libev-dev static libev4 ---- ---- high- performance libevent-2.0-5: armhf ---- Asynchronous libexif12: armhf ---- library libexpat1: armhf ---- ---- XML libfam0 Client libffi5: armhf ---- Foreign libfftw3-3: armhf - - Library libfile-copy-recursive-perl Perl ---- libfile-fcntllock-perl Perl ---- libflac8: armhf ---- Free libfltk1.3: Fast libfm-date armhf ---- ---- file libfm-gtk-bin file ---- libfm-GTK1 ---- ---- file libfm1 file libfontconfig1: armhf ---- generic libfontenc1: armhf ---- X11 libfreetype6: armhf ---- FreeType libfreetype6 -dev ---- FreeType libfuse2: armhf ---- Filesystem libgail-3-0: armhf ---- libgail18 GNOME: GNOME armhf ---- libgcc1: armhf ---- GCC libgconf-2-4: armhf ---- GNOME libgcrypt11: armhf ---- LGPL libgd2-xpm: armhf ---- GD libgdbm3: armhf ---- GNU libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0: armhf ---- GDK libgdk-pixbuf2.0 -Common GDK libgdu0 ---- ---- ---- C GObject libgeoclue0 libgfortran3: armhf libgif4 ---- ---- Runtime library libgirepository-1.0-1 ---- ---- Library libgksu2-0 library libgl1-mesa-glx: armhf libglade2-0 ---- ---- free library libglapi-mesa: armhf ---- free libglib2.0-0: armhf ---- GLib libglib2.0-date - - Common libgmp10: armhf ---- Multiprecision libgnome-keyring-common ---- GNOME libgnome-keyring0: armhf ---- GNOME libgnutls-openssl27: armhf ---- GNU libgnutls26: armhf ---- GNU libgomp1 : armhf ---- GCC libgpg-error0: armhf ---- library libgphoto2-2: armhf ---- gphoto2 libgphoto2-port0: armhf ---- gphoto2 libgpm2: armhf ---- General ---- libgs9 interpreter libgs9-common ---- interpreter libgssapi-krb5-2: armhf ---- MIT libgssglue1: armhf ---- mechanism-switch libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0: armhf ---- GStreamer libgstreamer0.10 -0: armhf ---- Core libgtk-3-0: armhf ---- GTK + libgtk-3-bin programs ---- ---- libgtk-3-common common libgtk2.0-0: armhf - - GTK + libgtk2.0-bin-common libgtk2.0 programs ---- ---- ---- common libgtop2-7 gtop libgtop2-common ---- gtop libgudev-1.0-0: armhf ---- GObject-based libhunspell-1.3-0: armhf ---- spell libice6: armhf ---- X11 libicu48: armhf International libid3tag0 ---- ---- ---- ID3 libident simple libidn11: armhf ---- GNU libijs-IJS libimlib2 0:35 ---- ---- ---- powerful libimobiledevice2 Library libiw30: armhf ---- Wireless libjack-jackd2-0: armhf ---- JACK libjasper1: armhf ---- Jasper libjavascriptcoregtk -1.0-0 ---- Javascript libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0 ---- Javascript libjbig0: armhf ---- ---- JBIGkit libjbig2dec0 JBIG2 libjpeg8: armhf ---- Independent libjson0: armhf ---- JSON libk5crypto3 : armhf ---- MIT libkeyutils1: armhf ---- Linux ---- libklibc minimal libkmod2: armhf ---- libkmod libkrb5-3: armhf ---- libkrb5support0 MIT: MIT armhf ---- liblapack3 - - Library liblcms1: armhf ---- Little liblcms2-2: armhf ---- Little libldap-2.4-2: armhf ---- OpenLDAP liblightdm-gobject-1-0 ---- simple liblocale-gettext-perl ---- module libltdl7: armhf ---- A libluajit-5.1-common ---- Just liblvm2app2.2: armhf ---- LVM2 liblzma5: armhf libmad0 ---- ---- XZ-format MPEG libmagic1 : armhf ---- File libmenu-cache1 ---- LXDE libmikmod2: armhf ---- Portable libmng1: armhf libmount1 ---- ---- multiple-image block libmpc2: armhf ---- multiple libmpfr4: armhf ---- multiple libmtdev1: armhf ---- Multitouch libncurses5: armhf ---- shared libncursesw5: armhf ---- shared libnettle4: armhf low libnewt0.52 ---- ---- ---- Not libnfnetlink0 netfilter libnfsidmap2: armhf ---- NFS libnih-dbus1 ---- ---- NIH NIH libnih1 libnl-3-200: armhf ---- library libnl-GENL-3-200: armhf ---- library libnotify4 : armhf sends libobrender27 ---- ---- ---- rendering libobt0 parsing libogg0: armhf ---- ---- Ogg libonig2 Oniguruma libopenjpeg2: armhf JPEG libopts25 ---- ---- automated liborc-0.4 -0: armhf ---- Library libp11-kit0: armhf ---- Library libpam-modules: armhf ---- Pluggable libpam-modules-bin ---- ---- Pluggable libpam-runtime runtime libpam0g: armhf ---- Pluggable libpango1.0-0: armhf ---- ---- Layout libpaper-utils library libpaper1: armhf ---- library libparted0debian1: armhf ---- disk libpcap0.8: armhf ---- system libpci3: armhf ---- Linux libpciaccess0: armhf ---- Generic libpcre3: armhf ---- Perl libpcsclite1: armhf ---- Middleware libpipeline1: armhf ---- pipeline libpixman-1-0: armhf - 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SELinux libsemanage-common ---- Common libsemanage1: armhf ---- SELinux libsepol1: armhf libsgutils2-2 ---- ---- SELinux utilities libsigc ++ - 1.2-5c2 ---- type-safe libsigc ++ - 2.0- 0c2a: armhf ---- type-safe libslang2: armhf ---- S-Lang libsm6: armhf ---- X11 libsmbclient: armhf ---- shared libsmpeg0: armhf ---- SDL libsndfile1: armhf --- - Library libsoup-gnome2.4-1: armhf ---- HTTP libsoup2.4-1: armhf ---- HTTP libsqlite3-0: armhf ---- ---- SQLite SQLite libsqlite3-dev libss2: armhf - --- command-line libssh2-1: armhf ---- SSH2 libssl-dev libssl-doc ---- ---- SSL SSL libssl1.0.0: armhf ---- SSL libstartup-notification0 ---- library libstdc ++ 6: armhf ---- GNU libstdc ++ 6-4.6-dev-perl ---- ---- GNU libswitch switch libsysfs2: armhf ---- interface libsystemd-login0: armhf ---- systemd libtagcoll2-dev ---- libtalloc2 Functions: armhf ---- hierarchical libtasn1-3: armhf ---- Manage libtdb1: armhf ---- Trivial libterm-readkey-perl ---- A libterm-readline-perl- perl Perl ---- libtext-charwidth-perl ---- get libtext-iconv-perl ---- converts libtext-wrapi18n-perl ---- Internationalized LibThai-date libthai0 ---- date: armhf --- - Thai libtiff4: armhf ---- ---- Tag libtimedate-perl collection libtinfo5: armhf ---- shared libtirpc1: armhf ---- transport-independent libts-0.0-0: armhf ---- touch libudev0: armhf ---- ---- Library libudev libunique-1.0-0 libusb-0.1-4: armhf ---- userspace libusb-1.0-0: armhf libusbmuxd1 ---- ---- userspace USB libustr-1.0- 1: armhf ---- Micro libuuid1: armhf ---- Universally libv4l-0: armhf ---- Collection libv4l2rds0: armhf ---- Video4Linux libv4lconvert0: armhf ---- Video4linux libv8- --- - v8 libv8-dev ---- v8 libvorbis0a: armhf ---- The libvorbisenc2: armhf ---- The libvorbisfile3: armhf ---- The libvte-common libvte9 ---- ---- Terminal Terminal libwayland0: armhf ---- wayland libwbclient0: armhf ---- Samba libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 libwebkitgtk ---- Web-1.0-common-3.0-0 ---- ---- Web libwebkitgtk libwebkitgtk Web-3.0-common - --- Web libwebp2: armhf ---- Lossy libwibble-dev-common libwnck Library ---- ---- ---- Window Window libwnck22 libwrap0: armhf ---- Wietse libx11-6: armhf --- - X11 libx11-date ---- X11 libx11-xcb1: armhf ---- Xlib / XCB libxapian-dev Development libxapian22 ---- ---- Search libxau6: armhf ---- X11 libXaw7: armhf --- - X11 libxcb-glx0: armhf ---- X-libxcb render0: armhf ---- X-libxcb shape0: armhf ---- X-libxcb shm0: armhf ---- X-libxcb util0: armhf --- - utility libxcb-xfixes0: armhf ---- X libxcb1: armhf ---- X libxcomposite1: armhf ---- X11 libxcursor1: armhf ---- X libxdamage1: armhf ---- X11 libxdmcp6: armhf --- - X11 libxext6: armhf ---- X11 libxfixes3: armhf ---- ---- X11 X11 libxfont1 libxft2: armhf ---- FreeType-based libxi6: armhf ---- X11 libxinerama1: armhf ---- X11 libxkbcommon0: armhf ---- library libxkbfile1: armhf libxklavier16 ---- ---- X11 X libxml2: GNOME armhf ---- libxmu6: armhf ---- X11 libxmuu1: armhf ---- X11 libxp6: armhf - --- X libxpm4: armhf ---- X11 libxrandr2: armhf ---- X11 libxrender1: armhf ---- X libxres1: armhf ---- X11 libxslt1.1: armhf ---- XSLT libxss1: armhf - --- X11 libxt6: armhf ---- X11 libxtst6: armhf ---- X11 libxv1: armhf ---- X11 libxxf86dga1: armhf ---- X11 libxxf86vm1: armhf ---- X11 libyaml-0-2: armhf ---- ---- Fast lightdm simple lightdm-gtk-greeter ---- ---- fast simple lighttpd linux-libc-dev: armhf ---- ---- Embedded Linux locales login --- - 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We reserve all rights not expressly licensed. In particular the exclusive property 'and ownership' of the product, and 'reserved to the manufacturer and / or their respective owners of third-party technologies integrated, its licensors and affiliates and and' protected by d. legs. n. 518/92 and subsequent amendments and additions as well as' international treaties and the law applicable in the country of use of the software. The client is obliged to keep secret the contents of the software programs and to protect with the utmost diligence property rights' manufacturer.

3.1 Rights of the concession
With the license the customer acquires the sole right to use, in a non-exclusive, non-transferable, the product 'AS IS' and related documentation. This license permits, unless otherwise expressly specified, the installation of the product on a single tank. Unauthorized duplication of the software and its unique serial number on other machines, physical or virtual, involves the cancellation of the license and the block system duplicating and duplicate. In any case, and 'expressly forbidden copying, tampering, alteration, and reverse engineering of the entire code, encrypted or otherwise, contained in the product and in each module accessory. The removal of the SD card and the use of unauthorized accessories will void the warranty. The removal of the SD card, also is compared to attempt cloning and alteration of the product.

3.2 Limitations Of Concession.
The product comes in executable form; this license does not include the right 'to get the product in source it' to dispose of the record layouts and related documentation logical and / or project. The customer can not 'decompile or disassemble the product it' groped in any way to get the source code.

3.3 Limitations of the rights of the client.
Customer / user and 'forbidden, unless otherwise expressly stated, the following:
a) give in turn license, take or give in rent, sell, pledge or otherwise transfer or distribute the original copy or the archive of the product or manuals. It 'also forbidden to translate, modify, disassemble, alter the product or part of it. The customer can not 'change the structure of the product will' require third parties to carry out the aforementioned modification so 'to change the outward appearance of the product or software components. It 's not allowed to copy manuals. In case of failure to comply with these terms, the agreement will cease 'automatically without notice; in cases of violation more 'serious the product will provide' independently to complete deletion of any data included therein. The system, in fact, contains elements able to identify attempts of duplication, cloning and tampering.
b) rent or lease the product to third parties or incorporate some or all of the product in other commercial applications without the prior written permission of the manufacturer;
c) make use of the documentation for any purpose other than to aid the use of the product;
d) use the product on a number of applications exceeds what is shown in this license;
e) reveal any activation codes provided with this license to install the program or optional modules;
f) give in or give the product sublicense to third parties or allow its use by third parties either free of that consideration.

The granting of use under this contract will be 'indefinitely but potra' be revoked upon the occurrence of the following cases:
- The customer does not fulfill its obligations under this license.
In the case of revocation of the license to use, will be 'obliged the customer to immediately destroy the product.

The manufacturer is constantly engaged in improving their software programs. To this end, the updates and improvements to the software will be communicated to the customer and will be made available, together with the new release of the same software.
This provision applies in the case of use of programs in standard format, any customizations or changes will be migrated to the new software release and such activities 'go' invoiced separately under appropriate rates.
Anyway AquaStation not 'responsible for any releases of versions that involve blocking devices and clients. The customer and 'free to choose whether to enable updates, and does so assuming the risk, albeit very low, if any updates are flawed.

5.1 Update of the license
Each machine contacts the server AquaStation least every 24h about to download new aggironamenti (if not turned off by the customer). On this occasion the server checks for the Copy-protected, can not be disabled, in order to ensure that the machine has not been tampered with or illegally duplicated. Any violation, unless expressly authorized, involves blocking the machine and all its accessories.
Not 'permitted duplication it' storage media, it 'electrical circuits, it' of parts of the software. This 'involves a violation of the licensing policies, such tampering and' expressly forbidden and liable to legal action for the protection of copyright.

The customer and 'obliged to keep the product with the utmost care to prevent any third party may take a copy or make any use other than that granted to the client, including (without limitation) the prohibition on authorizing the use of parts of the product in order to identify the source code. If the customer becomes aware that the product is not used by any third party as specified in this license, must 'provide immediately to cease forthwith such use is not permitted, by communicating the violation to the parent.

The product is licensed for use with this license and 'covered by copyright and other proprietary rights' reserved by the manufacturer. The customer will be 'then held responsible directly by the producer for acts relating to the use of the product made, directly or through third parties, is not permitted by this license.

The customer can 'run any backup or archival databases and configurations for backup purposes and only with the tools provided by the web interface configuration, but the player may not' entirely duplicate the contents of the operating system acquaOS. Customer and 'not be reproduced by any means, programs and related documentation with the exception of backup extracted from instruments authorized, carried out in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 12/29/92, n. 518 "Implementation of Directive 91/250 EEC on the legal protection of computer programs."

9. DO NOT Warranties
The manufacturer does not guarantee that the product is free of defects or errors will 'that the functions performed by the product are able to meet all current and future needs of the customer. Notwithstanding the requirements of Art. 1578 et seq. CC, the manufacturer is not liable for damages to the customer defects originating in or occurring product. The product and 'provided' 'AS IS' 'without warranty of any kind. The software products, in general, can not be developed so that they work without errors compared to all possible applications and uses, in addition, the updated versions of the product, may introduce new errors are not present in the previous version. The customer agrees and accepts that the product and its related updates may contain errors, therefore in their own interest and to avoid harm to 'himself and to others, is obliged to perform and always diligently, before, during and after each important accurate checks and controls to detect and compensate for time possible malfunction of the product and the modules connected to it. Responsibility 'and the burden for maintaining the proper installation of the product, the correct loading of the initial data and the proper use and over time' and remains only the customer, who can 'decide whether to disable software updates.

The manufacturer assumes no responsibility 'on the operation of the product in the event that the installation is carried out not complying with the directives contained in the user manual or in the event that the installation be tampered with. The manufacturer altresi 'assumes no responsibility' in case the product or its files are damaged because of hardware equipment, power surges or failures. The manufacturer does not answer 'of direct and indirect damages, however incurred by the customer or a third party and resulting from the use or non-use of the product, such as loss of production, loss of data, loss of anything contained in the tanks managed dall'AquaStation and so 'on. The manufacturer is not 'liable for any loss of profit od'uso, business interruption, indirect, direct and special. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall the manufacturer potra 'be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits arising from business interruption of the attivita', loss of information relating to the attivita 'and any other pecuniary loss including loss of living and nonliving contained in the tanks), arising from the use or by inability' to use the product, even if the manufacturer has been advised of the possibility 'of such an occurrence. It is advisable to check continuously via external tools and cross-checks the system and its accessories are working properly.

All rights and copyrights, related to the product (including, but not limited to, images, photographs, animation, video, audio, music, text and other information embedded in the product), the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the product are property 'of the manufacturer or its suppliers. The product and 'protected by copyright and international conventions. Based on this, the customer must 'use the product as any other material protected by copyright, unless otherwise permitted by this license. The customer is committed to ensuring the protection of copyright owned 'the producer and not to cancel, alter or move names and logos appearing on the product or on the screens of the same.

12.Informativa - Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 Code on data protection
Under Article. 13 of Legislative Decree 30/06/2003, n. 196 Code concerning the protection of personal data (the Code) to the manufacturer, with reference to the personal data acquired or to be acquired (for example: personal, tax, names, accounting, etc.) In connection with existing contractual relations / existing with the Customer or relations that may exist in the future, that:
a) processing of data by the manufacturer will take place 'in order to ensure the security and confidentiality and potra' be carried out with the aid of electronic and / or automated, for final 'regarding the execution of the obligations in to this contract, for audits and evaluations on the results and the progress of the relationship as well as 'on the risks (and that means' eg: veracity 'of the data provided, solvency' even during the relationship, etc.), for legal obligations and / or provisions of public bodies, for activities 'promotion of products by manufacturer and for final' commercial and / or marketing through the use of electronic mail address of the customer;
b) the provision of data and 'optional, but a refusal to provide the same could lead to difficulties' in the conclusion (but not limited to, the identification data of the customer, the Tax Code, the VAT, etc.), execution and management (and that means 'eg .: the data for the c / c bank of the customer, to the activities' of the customer, the names and powers of the Legal Representatives of the customer, the data in character sheet, financial or economic in general, etc.). the Contract;
c) the data may be disclosed to certain subjects for the performance of certain activities', such activities' also include data processing for the achievement of the purposes' contract; to society 'specialized activities' organization of conferences, administration, telemarketing, for the promotion of products by manufacturer, to perform activities' specifications, always pertaining to the provision of the report, through outsourcing contracts, credit management and all persons to whom the communication is due by virtue of legal obligations and / or contract. A list of these subjects, periodically updated, and 'available at the headquarters of the company and potra' be sent to request; the name of the customer can 'be spread through the manufacturer's website or in the press for final' promotion of products and / or services of the manufacturer. The acquired personal data may be disclosed, however, in confidence, to those suppliers, in turn, the manufacturer and be transferred to the headquarters of the same in order to carry out market analysis, schedule sales processes and detecting activities' carried out by the indirect channel. These subjects, performing the Treatment of Personal Information as described above, then so different and alien than the processing performed by the manufacturer, acting in effect in quality 'of Holders;
d) data will be provided to companies' subsidiaries and / or linked to the producer;
e) data will altresa 'communicated to Public Administrations, Societa' auditors and to all persons to whom the communication is due by virtue of legal obligations and / or contract;
f) may be aware of customer data and the Head of the subjects who process responsible for managing the contract;
g) the customer can 'turn the controller at the manufacturer to check your personal data, integrate, update or correct and / or to exercise any other rights under Art. 7 of the Code. In particular potra 'object at any time, always through the head, to the processing of his electronic mail address for the purpose of direct sales or marketing;
the data controller and 'Producer, based on the site indicated and connected.
Responsible and 'his legal representative.

Art. 15 Jurisdiction
Any dispute arising between the parties concerning the interpretation and / or execution of this contract, will be 'exclusively by the court of Bari (italy).

The parties act in accordance with art. 1341 and 1342 CCDI have well read and specifically approve all the clauses of this contract and in point 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

Use of the software and / or product registration will be accepting this contract. di Cortese Paola






Return Policy

You have the right to terminate the contract of sale, without giving any reason, within 14 (fourteen) days from delivery, however, within the legal directive provided by law. We are sure that this will not happen, however, if you feel like you can avail of the refund.

Will be refunded the full amount except for shipping. The refund shall be paid by the customer. Refund will be made within 30 days, and always after the receipt of the returned item. The product must be returned no later than 14 days of submission of request for withdrawal.

The product can be returned if:

  • in its original packaging and perfectly intact
  • perfectly intact and like new
  • working or still in their original reception state
  • not opened, or tampered with seals invalidated

The application form of withdrawal is available at this address.



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