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Full Software Features List



Temperature management

Functionality Present Optional modules needed
Reading of the ambient temperature Yes  
Reading of the water temperature Si, via one or two immersion probes  
Accuracy of immersion probes Average between submerged probes with check for dissimilar values. Resolution 0,001° C, accuracy 0.5° C with additional calibration of the probes in the laboratory performed at 27 °C in order to increase the precision in the typical range of use. Thanks to this second calibration it reaches accuracy of at approximately 0.15 °C.  
Turning On the 220v heater Yes, power on n.03 of different heaters to intervention thresholds (from 0.1 ° C to 1.0 ° C) customized for each line Mod. 220v
Turning On the 220v coolers/fans Yes, with setting of a threshold of 0.1 to 1.0 °C Mod. 220v
Alert for outside temperature threshold Yes, sounds and email alert, configurable over or within a specified value  
Light attenuation if overtemp condition exists

Yes, you can set two thresholds of intervention, both able to dim the LED Dimmer lines exceeded two sequential values.

(example: >+ 3°C attenuates the lights of 30%, >+ 5 °C reduces the lights 70%)

Mod. Dimmer LED (any)




Other probes and management of automation

Functionality Present Optional modules needed


Yes, with resolution and accuracy of 0.01 with immersion probe.

Mod. PH 

Management of 220v CO2 electrovalve

Yes, inormally open or normally closed. Supports maintaining a pH value preset, or maintaining of automatic ideal value of CO2 based on the last GH value insert.

Mod. PH, Mod. 220v

Flooding/Level Probe

Yes, by closing a contact, and alarmed when one or both probes detect fluid (depending on the configuration chosen).

Mod. Flooding/Lvl.

Managing a 220v line controlled by the flooding sensors

Yes, you can turn off or turn on a 220v line in case of fluids detected.

Mod. 220v, Mod. Flooding/Lvl.

220v Scheduled linee

Yes, you can control 7 220v lines, with weekly calendar and unlimited configurations for line.

Mod. 220v 

220v Line name personalization

Yes, it is possible to assign a name or description for each line 220v.

Mod. 220v 

Maximum load on 220v lines

Max 10A (2,2kW) TOT and Max 6A (1,3kW) for line.

Mod. 220v

Analysis of energy consumption Yes, using a clamp for more accurate reading or estimating consumption by compiling the absorption for each line 220v or dimmer LED in dedicated page.

Opz. with Mod. Energy Analysis

Filter Block after BlackOut Yes, by the function FilterLock can inhibit re-ignition of the filter after a electric BlackOut if the blackout lasted over a number of hours set.

Mod. 220v

Managing PWM Movement Pumps Yes, four independent lines, with definition of the scope schedule in three ways: increasing, constant and decreasing

Mod. PWM Pumps




Management of Dimmer LED 

Functionality Present Optional modules needed
Dimmable LED Lines 4 independent lines and individually dimmable Mod. Dimmer LED (any)
Management of PWM power supplies Yes, by PWM protocol DIMM+ and DIMM-, precision 1/256 on supply voltage from 0.5V to 10.2V control. Mod. Dimmer LED PWM
Power Supply Included Only in the Dimmer with Power supply version, capable of delivering 12v dimmed, MAX 10A (120W) Total and 6A (70W) per dimmer line. Mod. Dimmer LED with power supply
Scheduler Yes, with weekly managing of Sunrise, Fixed Value and Sunset (even more points can draw curves) with unlimited configurations for line. Mod. Dimmer LED (any)
Reproduction of biotope weather in real time Yes, you can select a biotope and reduce the brightness of 5 step (configurable) based on the real-time weather of chosen biotope. Mod. Dimmer LED (any)
Automatic photoperiod adjustment

Yes, by selecting a biotope you can activate Hypernatural BioDimmer that allows the daily calculation of sunrise and sunset. You can also choose the duration of sunrise and sunset, and the timetable to slip of the power on

(example: today sunrise 5:27; sunset 16:54. setting the slip 4h will be activated light at 9:27 and poweroff at 20:54).

Mod. Dimmer LED (any)
Light attenuation in case of excessive temperature

Yes, you can set two thresholds of intervention, both able to dim the LED lines to passing two values

(example: >+ 3°C attenuates the lights by 30%; >+ 5°C attenuates lights 70%)

Mod. Dimmer LED (any)
Dimmer Calibration Can be set, for each line, the switching-off value (not all power supplies off to 0) and the value of minimum poweron. This calibration increase the progression precision of the LED lines, especially during sunrise and sunset. The system has, moreover, already preloaded ruleset for some known PWM power supplies. Mod. Dimmer LED (any)




Cloud and internet 

Functionality Present Optional modules needed
Values and States on mobile devices Yes, on any device with browser, not only smartphones but also TV and devices that can browse the internet compatible with libraries jQuery Mobile (almost every device with rare exceptions). Cloud Lic. (24 month included) 
Signature generation with dynamic real-time values Yes, it is possible to generate an image with the values of the aquarium. Often used by users of online forums as a signature. Cloud Lic. (24 month included)
System Updates Yes, complete automatic update, including new features, without need for reboot or manual operations. Every night the system contacts the servers to receive the latest updates automatically. Cloud Lic. (24 month included)
Reproduction of real time biotope weather Yes, you can select a biotope and reduce the brightness of 5 step (configurable) based on the real-time weather of the chosen biotope. Mod. Dimmer LED (any) 
Sending alerts via email for out of range values Yes, by defining the thresholds above which the system sends email alert  
Sending alerts via email in case of complete blackout Yes, if the local system no longer communicates with AquaStation servers (over 30 minutes), they warn the user of a possible problem (malfunction, no electricity, etc ..) Cloud Lic. (24 month included)
Automatic probe calibration Yes, the system contacts the AquaStation server to determine if is available new calibration value for their temperature probes for increase the precision.


Sending Phone Alert Yes, it does not require any dedicated optional hardware and SIM, it using the VOIP system with a SIP account and it is possible to disable the calls from 8 pm to 8 am. More info in our FAQ.  




System and Updates 

Functionality Present Optional modules needed
Advanced Diagnostics The system is can emit an audible alarm, or send email to the passing of threshold values outside  
Remote IR Control  Yes, 24 keys. Power on/off 220v line (if present the optional module), management dimmer brightness of the lines (if present the optional module), rapid activation and deactivation of the scheduler timer and function "aquarium maintenance" to turn on all the lights quickly and 4 configurable function keys. Remote IR Control
System Updates Yes, complete automatic update, including new features, without need for reboot or manual operations. Every night the system contacts the servers to receive the latest updates automatically. Cloud Lic. (24 month included)
Display  TouchScreen 65k colors Display with backlight and automatic shutdown configured via software. Display 
Ethernet RJ45 Port Yes, 10/100Mbit compatible TCP/IP protocol  
Wireless connection Yes, 802.11b/g/n, 2,4Ghz, compatible with WPA e WPA2 protocol (no WEP for security reasons). Mod. Wireless
Config Via WebInterface, using any Internet browser. The product don't requires registration.  
Originality product check The system is able to determine the originality of the hardware and software, in case of violation it warns the user and enter in WipeRecovery mode.  
System information available Hardware connected, CPU, used Ram, CPU temp and average life of processing.  
Diaries There are two diaries, one of the values of water (you can enter the manually measured values) and one of the aquarium maintenance (with scheduled reminders).  
Date and Time Manual or Automatic by NTP. Selecting the timezone and automatic switching between standard time and daylight saving time.  
Access Password and PIN code for cloud. Password recovery is possible with inserting values reported physically on the product.  
Backup Yes, you can make a backup of configurations or enable automatic backup in cloud on AquaStation's servers, Cloud Lic. (24 month included) for automatic backup on AS servers
Remote Assistance All systems have a page "AquaStation remote assistance" where you can ask for a PIN (and return to the operator an additional randomly generated PIN) for enabling the connection with your AquaStation in case of problems. The staff can not independently access to the system, but must be authorized by the user with communicating the random PIN for the connection. Cloud Lic. (24 month included)





Functionality Present Optional modules needed
Temperature Charts 1h, 1d, 7dd, 1m for ambient temperature and water temperature   
Energy Consumption Charts 1h, 1d, 7dd, 1m related to the exact consumption (in case of optional module Energy Analysis is present) or presumed (in the case of estimated consumption enabled)  
System Charts 1h, 1d, 7dd, 1m for CPU, Ram and CPU temp  
Water Value Charts 1h, 1d, 7dd, 1m for all values of the water entered manually (NO2, NO3, PO4, and other 30+ values)  
Line State Full Charts about the activation status 220v and dimmable lines (if present the respective modules)  
Alert for outside temperature threshold Yes, alert sounds and email, configurable over or under a certain value  



All features required the AquaStation Base and, if reported, one or more optional modules. 

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